Crossover Revolution

Event Date 03-03-2017 to 03-05-2017

For one awesome weekend, the incredible worlds of backcountry skiers/boarders and snowmobiliers come together under the organization of Todd McViney. Join us at Elk Lake Resort and Marina for this fun-filled annual event!

While backcountry skiing and its back to nature, low impact ethos may seem at odds with fuel-injected sleds, a significant population of backcountry enthusiasts around Central Oregon have embraced the contradiction. In doing so they’ve opened up hundreds of peaks and countless lines in the Cascade backcountry.

Todd McViney (past employee) organizes an annual event at Elk Lake Resort that celebrates the marriage of the two cultures. Dubbed Crossover Revolution, McViney invites backcountry riders and skiers to mix with snowmobilers. Think of it as Camp David for two very different populations of backcountry enthusiast.

The idea was to combine backcountry skier’s snow and avalanche expertise with the snowmobiling community’s mechanical know-how over a weekend of backcountry exploration and basecamp revelry

Last year the event drew several dozen backcountry enthusiasts who swapped knowledge, stories and stoke. This year, McViney expects close to 100 people for the event that features daytime missions into the backcountry plus a tow-in quarter pipe that serves as added evening entertainment!

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