Crisp sunny days, breathtaking scenery, and tons of fresh powder make Elk Lake Resort a favorite destination for snowmobilers. At your front door hundreds of miles of trails await that wind through several designated wilderness areas and national forests.

No matter what your style of Cross Country skiing is, Classic (Diagonal Stride) or Skate (Freestyle) please visit Mt Bachelors Nordic Center for all your Cross Country Skiing needs. Elk Lake Resort guests who rent there will enjoy the luxury of parking right there at the Mt Bachelors nordic center parking lot and access the trail free of cost. What better way to spend the day then skiing through some of Central Oregon’s most scenic back country terrain into Elk Lake Resort. Then relax and enjoy some excellent cuisine from our restaurant.




Elk Lake Resort offers round trip transportation via Snow Cat for guests without snowmobiles or skis, or for those who simply want a unique experience.

All transport times are prearranged and must be set up prior to transport. Please email us to arrange your Snowcat transport.


Snowcat Information: Please only one carry-on per person, plus your skis or snowshoes. Snowcat transported luggage and gear must be in waterproof bags. Please label these bags with your name and cabin number. Extra gear may result in an additional charge. Dogs are allowed and cost is $50 per pet round trip. All vehicles parked in Dutchman Flat Sno-Park must have a valid Sno-Park in the front windshield of the vehicle.


Snowcat Operation: Snowcats operate regularly Thursday through Monday for weekend pickup and drop off at Dutchman Flats Sno-Park. Shuttle windows operate as below with consideration taken for snow quality:

Day trips are welcome but availability dependent on number of cabin guests being transported on a daily basis. All Snowcat Transport must be reserved in advance. Please email in advance to make arrangements.


Snowcat Passenger Pricing: $50.00 per person round trip. There is no one way trip as the vehicle still has to travel both ways.


Contact for all transportation arrangements and requests.


Snowcat Transport/Packing/Parking tips: We would suggest arriving 20-30 minutes prior to your departure time to find a parking spot and get your gear ready to load when the Snowcat arrives. Each person is allowed one (1) Carry-on size personal bag. Bags should be waterproof as they travel on the racks on top of the vehicle. Each cabin is allowed one (1) cooler or plastic food tote with a lid. All items must be in a container. Loose items not allowed on the Snowcat.

Please have a valid Oregon Snow Park parking permit displayed in the front windshield of your vehicle. You can get this pass at any of the ski or outdoor shops in Bend. These passes are not available at Mt. Bachelor or Dutchman Flats.





At your front door hundreds of miles of trails await that wind through several designated wilderness areas and national forests. Please note: Guests renting snowmobiles from Elk Lake Resort must pay a $50 per guest roundtrip transportation fee in addition to rental rates, as we are not allowed to rent FROM Dutchman Flats SnoPark.

Half Day (4 Hrs) $200.00

Full Day (8 Hrs) $300.00

Elk Lake Resort Snowmobile Rental Includes Helmet & Goggles for each Rider. Reservations are Required 541-480-7378




Elk Lake Resort provides Atlas snowshoe rentals for our visitors. This is a wonderful way to experience the surrounding back country and high terrain. Rentals also come with adjustable ski poles.